Facts in second person

You know? Sometimes lonliness becomes too heavy, hopeless burns inside, anxiety suffocates you, and fears paralyze your muscles. You can't see anything beyond your own tears, you can't silence that voice inside your head, and her whispers turn into screams so loud that you can't ignore them.
You feel the world is too big for you, things are getting out of hands and you have no control at all. You lose yourself, and don't know where to turn, you can't even remember your goals, you make yourself more confused.
You are drowning in a swamp of doubts, as all your personality facets struggle to float to the surface, and you are not sure about which advice to follow.

Your liar side, the talented actress you become sometimes, tells you to keep wearing the fake-smile mask.

Your child side, the little girl who feels unsafe, begs you to ask for someone's help.

Your suspicious and resentful side reminds you already suffered a lot of betrayals.

Your hypocrite side exhorts you to bring out your manipulative skills.

Your human side, some people call it Conscience, tries to convince you that's not a good idea.

And upstage, your wrestler side, the hero who lives within you, encourages you not to surrender, not to give up.

But you don't know what voice yo listen, your confusion increases, chaos becomes bigger and bigger. 
You can neither stand the mess, nor hide it anymore.

Your emotions are a volcano about to erupt. Disaster is inminent, and there's only one way to avoid it.
When you rip your skin, you'll open the way for the tangle of questions, doubts, shouts, fear, lies, nightmares and secrets to dissapear, to flow with the blood, with the whole crap that runs through your veins.
You will close your eyes and breath deeply, filling your lungs with oxygen and you will finally get that desired calm. You'll forget everything else, you'll focus on the pins and needles you've got in your shaking hands, on the silence that wraps you, on the salty tears, on the warm blood... on the beating of your heart.

And the lonliness that was so heavy, the hopeless that burnt you inside, the anxiety that suffocated you, the fear that prevented you from moving, the voices that was deafening, the chaos that used to overwhelm you, everything will just fade away. You will get back the control of your life, your body, your feelings, your thoughts. You will recover the balance.
Now, you can think, cry, breath, smile, you don't sway anymore, you can put order in your head. Now, you are able to recongnize yourself, you know that you are real, that you are here and you're alive. You are standing on firm ground and there's no fears drawing you to to the bottom of the swamp. There's no even swamp, and if so, doesn't matter, because you're no drowing in it anymore.
Now, you can wipe the tears from your eyes, and see the horizon clearly. 
Now your feet are strong enough to bear your weight, cause you have left behind that heavy burden that prevented you from walking.

So tell me, do you still find so horrible what I do?

8 comentarios:

  1. Un texto precioso, sincero y arrollador!

    Me encanta :)
    Un beso!!

  2. Lo más sano y más barato, tomarte una tarde libre, tumbarte en el sofá o salirte a la calle y despejarte la cabeza.

  3. porke esta en inglees?? xd me cosot mucho entenderla, xd pero lo que entendi fue precioso. BESOS. si te apetece pasate por el blog

  4. Simplemente hermoso ♥
    (no sabes cuanto me ha llevado traducirlo xD)

    Un beso :)

  5. You always have to fight. Always.
    Put away you fears honey, and fight like a really wrestler.
    Because if your feelings are a volcano, you have to be a world in colission.


  6. pff tuve que hacer un repaso de mis clases de ingles :S

  7. Bueno, es una pena, yo estudié francés.Pero estoy segura de que me estoy perdiendo una hermosa entrada. Besos.

  8. hermoso...gracias por poner en practica mi ingles me hacia falta!°



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