I wish to break free...

free from my stupid obsession

free from the silence that kills me

free from the voices screaming inside my head 

free from the jail that I built on my own

free from the lies that, after telling thousands of times,  
I believed

free from the NIGHTMARES
that PARALIZE ME every nigth 

free from the thougts that betray me... 

free from these memories that confuses me

free from the happy-girl mask  

free from the GUILT that OVERWHELMS me 

free from those unspeakable secrets 

free from the monster that I become sometimes

free from this ..infinite..hesitance..
free from all the scars on my skin 

free from the doubt that grows inside me
 free from Ana and her control...
...free from Mía and her chaos 

free from the huge emptiness around me...
...and from the huge emptiness inside of me 


free from those Silly Fears
free from the LONELINESS that doesn't leave me ALONE

free from the past that is Still Here.

free from the poisonous rancor

free from the  HATE  that rots me

free from myself!!

But demons are taking me...

...there is no chance of anything...


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